Sunday, June 6, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

(ABOVE: Phantom rose! Out of pixels!;D )

Today I went to Target and Borders. At Target, I bought the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks... :)
Then I went to Borders: Lovely, lovely, Borders. I got some summer reading books, and a life changing one. This book will change how I view the world.

Gaston Leroux's novel, The Phantom of the Opera.


And by the way, you TOTALLY need Tokidoki's lip gloss exclusively for Sephora. It is lovely. So wonderful. :)

Now join in song with me:
When people do yell,
I'll feel like Hell-
But it's not that bad!

I'll simply remember my favorite things...
Like my Angel of Music and Sapphire rings!
And then I won't feel so bad!

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