Sunday, May 30, 2010

It turns out...

Well, my laptop decided that life was worth living and came back to life without the help of HP. Give my laptop a hand!

Field Day was OK, just to let you all know... We were put on LOCKDOWN! There was a suspicious person or whatever and the po-po told us to go inside and lock all the doors... We were allowed back outside after an hour or so, but it was fun and scary at the same time... X)

I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL. Just in time, too. I was seriously ready to stab the authorities.

And Andrew Lloyd Webber looks like an elf! But I already knew that! ^.^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH. I have an explanation.

Sorry I have not been on in so long. My computer hates me and decided to commit suicide... And so now I have to use my mother's computer until mine comes back from HPland where they will use magic happy dust to bring it back to life. And they are saving my memory. And that is why I love HP.
Today the 8th graders graduated. Tomorrow is the last day of classes, and Friday we have the horrid field day, which consists of me being WAY to sleepy and doing really hard activities in like 100 degree weather, and all your classmates yelling at you when you ask for a break, since "Only 6 people are in it this year!"
Sounds like fun, right?
But on Tuesday our school rents out the water park. And movie night with besties. Horror films and Alice in Wonderland... Lovely combination! We might just get high off coffee though... <3
SO done with school and the evil Vice Principal... GAAAAAAAH! STAB STAB STABBBBBBBBB.

Violence answers everything. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeverythinnnnng.
Like one of my bestie's "fan club" of little girls who have voices like they live in a helium factory... She wanted to stab them when they sang about how she should "Be happy! And peaceful! AND SMIIIILEEEEE!!!!!!!"


Thursday, May 13, 2010


11 days of school left.
But I got a detention for the stupidest reason ever. I poked a kid in my class with a pen.
I didn't even draw blood!
And so during detention, the Vice Principal came in, pretty much told me I was rude and immature, and she was "worried I would be a bad influence and didn't want me to be a class leader next year".
Which means she doesn't want me to be an 8th grader.
Gosh, she sucks!
So, how was your school year? Were you ever shunned by your classmates? Were you considered a criminal among the teachers? Were there only 3 people that kept you sane? Did you read any good books? Bomb a test? Star in a play? Mess up on stage? Laugh? Cry? Scream? Murder?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

J'aime ma maman!

(ABOVE: I made this for a contest on a Facebook app... It's kind of lame, I know, but it's mother's day, right?)

Sooooo happy Mother's day! Mine is pretty good so far! I made my mom a card, with a messed-up haiku (I did 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 7 syllables... >.< ) in Japanese, and a heartfelt message in French, as my mom is fluent in French. I could not get her a gift, I had no one to take me to the store, so I gave her money to go towards the plants she wanted to get... She's into gardening in the summer.

And she got me something! It's a necklace- with a heart shaped key. She said that she knew it was Mother's day, but the necklaces represented me and my sister or something along those lines...
Gosh, I am randomly sleepy- but I am ALMOST done READING Fraternité!

CLICK CLICK CLICK that link NOW if you want to read an ADDICTIVE Phanfic! It's so "O.O OMG!!!" and "WTA????!??!!??!?!?!?" AND "NO WAY! NO WAY!" and most of all "SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Worthy that you would not believe it! :3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sexy Police.

For Sophia. That is all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


(ABOVE: If the Phantom were a wolf, I think he would look like this! X3 )
I have some annoying bugs in my room, I mean, they got in from outside somehow, and infested both my rug and my bed... One thing I DESPISE about Summer. Last year, we had Springtails, this year, we have tiny annoying black beetles. I made sure to give most of them a slow and painful death, but I ended up fleeing from my room after I finished my homework. I went back in, grabbed some giant stuffed animals to serve as body pillows, my super old copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this awesome secret thing... (I'm keeping it a secret until Saturday!), and my CD player. Oh, and my cat. I got about a good 15 minutes of sleep all night, I was an insomniac with a throat that hurt really bad... So my mother let me sleep in this morning. I woke up at about 11:30, feeling like a used tissue. So I am just going to dip the whole school thing today, although I was supposed to run to the book fair and grab the only 2 octopus markers for my bestie (Not Sofee, but Chey-la, the one with the severe allergies/romantic idiot/awesome Phantom impersonator when it comes to pointing) and me. Because my kinda frenimie was going to take one, and me and Chey-la wanted the matching markers, and we saw them first anyway... Well, whatever. I'll just go on Ebay and buy like 50 of them for 3 dollars... X]

Yeah... I think that is it... Before the Performance is on... I like this song, and next is Devil Take the Hindmost (Quartet)!!!!!

*Que heavy French accent*
Perhaps she won't go on, perhaps she'll lose her nerve, perhaps her voice won't serve and she will fail him now! And then my child and I shall get what we deserve- DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Whipped Cream.

(ABOVE: You are the pirate, so you can make random ARRR noises, and I'm the ninja, so I can hide some dead bodies and maybe some Japanese soda in your hiding place)

Sophia C. = <3 Elle est venue et s'est excusé avec une note en awesomeness pure. Et des ailes de dragon. Elle est étonnante. <3

"Pour Anna, de qui vous savez.
Les éléments suivants seront bientôt appartenir à Anna Maria DeCesaris (Dès que Sophie va au centre commercial)
1) Chesire Cat anneau de Hot Topic
Scribble 2) * *
3) Une image personnellement établi par moi
2) des bonbons
Im Sorry SUPER ->
et j'espère que vous me le permettez, en présence de votre samedi soir HASO après avoir dîner avec moi cousins chez moi.
Post-scriptum J'espère que vous avez aimé ce. * * Scribble
De: La puce meanie Sophia
P.P.S. Voici quelques ailes de dragon
PPPS si vous étiez un film youd être PG13 pour presque tué votre cousin hors d'une voiture pas si le déplacement et la violence et des images effrayantes. "

This post, like the last is dedicated to my one and only best friend cousin, the one who started the Phan monster inside of me, knows all the words to Goin' Courtin' but only when I sing it with her, will sing the Degrassi theme song with me even when others can hear, is a hater and killer of gluten filled foods, got severe depression from a Pug calendar by Brown Trout or whatever, gives me colorful days, and is the only girl I know who knows all my embarrasing secrets and shares all the embarrasing moments with me, and never laughs unless I am laughing too.

Sofee, you rock.

I feel like whipped cream... :3

Dear Sophia,

If you see a bit below, my dear Sophia, you will see a not very nice rant in French. Do not read it. Because when I read it over after I calmed down, it made me sad. And it says really mean things that really make no sense at all, but I had no idea what I was saying... XD
ILOVEYOU. I am happy that you apologized, and I need to apologize to you. You are the original bestie, the first one to grace the earth and actually be real. You are my best friend cousin and I could never forget that. <3

Sofee, I am sorry, too!


Picnik is quite my life... XD

(ABOVE: Some random creations of mine...)

Hello, people. Just to tell you, if you are reading this, I will make you a free picture on picnik! HOOOORAAAY! Just send me a picture, tell me how you want it (serious, silly, pretty, etc.) and I will try to work my magic. I will email these pictures to you, and if you say OK, I will put them in my deviant art gallery.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


(ABOVE: Beautiful, huh? I might just have to go as this for Halloween... Or Emily from the Corpse Bride. Or Christine. Or Meg. Or a phemale Phantom!!!!! :3 )
Don't you all LOVE my new banner? I made it on the lovely Picnik, and it makes me smile! It says a LOT about me, but I couldn't really find anything that showed I was violent, so it's missing that, I think...
Yes, all of you Phans need to go there NOWNOWNOW!

And just to let you know, after that beautiful rant in French on my last post, I think I feel a bit better. After the rant, I made my lovely new banner, read some SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Worthy phanfics. (Click HERE to read it... Too addicting and you HAVE to see chapter 26!)

But my throat FREAKING HURTS!!!!!!! :(

I think that is all. Off to make my father cook me some scrambled eggies. <3

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rant in French...?

(ABOVE: I made this picture...)

Hello, all. This post used to be a rant in French, but when I made it I was in the middle of a hissy fit, I was royally bourré, and delirious on Cough Medicine. So I deleted that rant.
Mon ami made me feel like whipped cream last night, and I decided to delete- or at least edit- this post... :3

Cussing in French.

(ABOVE: My latest creation on the wonderful facebook app, Picnik.)

Ello, dahhhhlinks.
Today I went to a party of sorts. I was so surprised I didn't meet up with a technicolor yawn... X3 I was nom nom nomming then just randomly jumping into a fancy smancy saltwater pool...
Well, I have learned some words in French: some nice, some not (note the title of the post) and recently received the most random call on the face of the earth from my "neighbors" of sorts. Sorry if you guys are reading this: the next sentence is showing a bit of my new-found cruelness I learned from Erik... :) I really need to tell them I got a new number or something, I don't need strange calls like that.

This is for all my dear friends:

Nevermind. I just got some horrid news. There goes the highlight of my weekend. I turned down so much awesome plans and it all went down the drain. Again. :/
Gosh, I hope someone doesn't see this. Oh wait- that person is having too much fun with all their other mean friends who hate me. God, I feel so loved.
Merde, I need my Angel of Music before my tears short circuit my computer.

Gaaaah. Today officially sucked.