Saturday, July 31, 2010

The week passsseeeeed...

The days passseeeed, the week paaaassssed,
Then she posts!
Now my life's fin'ly compleeeeete!
Just one post
So let's make the most!
And she'll post agaiiiiin!

That's all. I'll be gone for another week, I'll probably post next Saturday, when I get back from camp.
Yes, I'm going to camp, to spread some gothic cheer and Phantomy goodness.
Just hide the matches, counselors!

Friday, July 23, 2010


(At least THIS is cute!)

As you know, or may not, I have Arachnophobia.

And so, it wasn't very fun when I noticed that my room has horrible, horrible, creatures.
Creeptastic creations.
The devil's spawn themselves.


It all started with a HUGE spider next to my carpet. Mustering up all the courage I could, I took a heavy object and dropped it onto the evil creature.
Then, as I was walking out of my room for a day of shopping, I saw an even BIGGER one. I tried to throw one of my pink limited edition Madden Girls at it, but it saw me coming, and ran away. I screamed as it hid under a pile of clothing and ran about my room, to find a tiny baby spider next to my carpet. It died immediately. I sprinted out of my room, but the idea that I had a room infested with spiders put a damper on my day. When I came back, I ran around my closet carrying heavy objects, waiting to crush it. I couldn't find it anywhere! But a few days later, I saw it again. On my BlaBla brand fox.

How DARE the putrid thing crawl onto something so cute!

So I wait, sitting on my bed, for it to crawl out from its under-my-bookcase hiding spot, so I can kill it.

Revenge is sweet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


(ABOVE: This is what my computer desktop looks like- Oooh an insight to my life!)
Hi... I'm in a very Phantomy mood today!
Probably because Chelsey of Iron-Gibbet is making me a commish picture! :D

So, has anything Phantomy happened to you lately? I took a bite out of my grilled cheese sandwich and the Music of the Night popped into my head... I mean, I wasn't even thinking about Phantom! (OOOOH! A fist for me! O.O)
I just heard "Slowly, deftly, night unfurls its splendor..." And I was like:
So! Talk to you later,
<3 Anna!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Check out my new story plz.


Hi, all! If you would like to read awesomeness, check out my new story, Still Here! Just go to and search up "Still Here". There should be one by Loveisangerness. Read it, and please, please, please, review! Because the story is actually based off of reviews. I mean, without reviews, there are no new chapters. So REVIEW! How many times do you think I've said review? Should I see? Well, I need you guys to review anyhow, so just don't forget to review.

And, I hope you like that FREAKING AWESOME picture above. It's my favorite OC, Spazzie. She was commissioned for me by KuniaShazune! Really, Kunia, your'e too kind! :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm back.

(Above: Must...Not...Poke...)

Hi, sorry for my absence. I've been chasing sensation and romance.
Not really. I was in the lovely Rehoboth for a while. With no accsess to the internet or computers for that matter. But I'm back!

And for any fun people from
I'm sorry for no recent chapters lately. I have been living on the grace of Lekass and I'm helpless without her libretto. She's trying to find the new lyrics, but hasn't found anything yet... And I'm horrible at writing random lyrics! But you all should thank her for her libretto so far. It's amazing! Check it out- RIGHT NOW!

I might do a few one-shots here and there to hold you over. I mean, my writing must be so addictive. You must be dying since I haven't posted anything lately.

That's enough with the vanity.
But you should look at these stories: they are much better than mine.

Freaks Never Die by J.C Wright
Love Will Continue by Rosibo

Freaks Never Die is really fun, since it's kind of interactive. Our favorite trio of freaks will answer all of your questions if you write them in the reviews section. I would be careful though- the second chapter is a bit... innapropriate.
(And it's all my fault. Well, and some other girl... I was Romantic Idiot. XDDDDDD )