Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm back.

(Above: Must...Not...Poke...)

Hi, sorry for my absence. I've been chasing sensation and romance.
Not really. I was in the lovely Rehoboth for a while. With no accsess to the internet or computers for that matter. But I'm back!

And for any fun people from
I'm sorry for no recent chapters lately. I have been living on the grace of Lekass and I'm helpless without her libretto. She's trying to find the new lyrics, but hasn't found anything yet... And I'm horrible at writing random lyrics! But you all should thank her for her libretto so far. It's amazing! Check it out- RIGHT NOW!

I might do a few one-shots here and there to hold you over. I mean, my writing must be so addictive. You must be dying since I haven't posted anything lately.

That's enough with the vanity.
But you should look at these stories: they are much better than mine.

Freaks Never Die by J.C Wright
Love Will Continue by Rosibo

Freaks Never Die is really fun, since it's kind of interactive. Our favorite trio of freaks will answer all of your questions if you write them in the reviews section. I would be careful though- the second chapter is a bit... innapropriate.
(And it's all my fault. Well, and some other girl... I was Romantic Idiot. XDDDDDD )

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