Friday, July 23, 2010


(At least THIS is cute!)

As you know, or may not, I have Arachnophobia.

And so, it wasn't very fun when I noticed that my room has horrible, horrible, creatures.
Creeptastic creations.
The devil's spawn themselves.


It all started with a HUGE spider next to my carpet. Mustering up all the courage I could, I took a heavy object and dropped it onto the evil creature.
Then, as I was walking out of my room for a day of shopping, I saw an even BIGGER one. I tried to throw one of my pink limited edition Madden Girls at it, but it saw me coming, and ran away. I screamed as it hid under a pile of clothing and ran about my room, to find a tiny baby spider next to my carpet. It died immediately. I sprinted out of my room, but the idea that I had a room infested with spiders put a damper on my day. When I came back, I ran around my closet carrying heavy objects, waiting to crush it. I couldn't find it anywhere! But a few days later, I saw it again. On my BlaBla brand fox.

How DARE the putrid thing crawl onto something so cute!

So I wait, sitting on my bed, for it to crawl out from its under-my-bookcase hiding spot, so I can kill it.

Revenge is sweet.

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