Friday, April 16, 2010

Life is good!

As of yesterday, my life is about 75% complete! I saw the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! And I got SIGNATURES!!!!! :D
And I saw Trista's (She plays Christine) gypsy dog! It was an ADORABLE beagle that stays in her dressing room during performances. She always travels with her.
I got Meg, Carlotta, THE PHANTOM, Andre (Populare owner), Piangi (Carlotta's wife), and Christine's signatures. I'm pretty sure that is it... 6 out of 9 main characters!
AND MY HOMEROOM TEACHER IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER! She never seemed like the kind to, but yesterday she told us. Here is the story in script form.

Teacher: Did you guys hear about the rumor that is true?
Me & My besties: No, what is it?
Teacher: That me and my husband are going to be parents!
Teacher: Okay, go to Math class now!
Me & Besties: Bye! :D

And today was my bestie's mom's birthday, so SPLAPPY BIRTHDAYY! <3

And her new house is AHHHHMAZING!

Well, 'till next time, daaaaahhhhhlinks!

If anyone is reading.

PS: I am holding another contest: This one is all trivia. PotO/LND trivia. :3

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