Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abyssal Fish, An Angel of Music, and some Doodle Ooodle Ooodle Ooos... Mon Dieu!

(ABOVE: EPIC WIN child!!!!)

Mon Dieu, (Although the sound of French is not very appealing to me, I might have to take it up. >-< ) so much has gone on!
Seeeequits wilder than I could guess, and I am not allowed to tell a SOUL... (Well, maybe my Angel of Music, whenever he comes back to me...), EpiPens and near death experiences (My wonderous bestie has a vast array of allergies, apparently one to strawberries... she was rushed to the hospital during school and no one told me! I thought it was just a leisurely drive home although there was the use of an EpiPen...), Showtunes of all sorts stuck in my head (Here's looking at YOU, you know who you are... >.< ), and not-so-delicious sobe. I need some STARBUCKS, maaaaan. Before I pass out during history.
I am supposed to be finding research on a project that was supposed to be 100% complete today during class, but the google is being mean and not finding any useful information!
... Just thinking about my bestie's ordeal today is making my throat feel all swelly. I think I'm to get some tea now, goodbye, dears.
I remain your obedient servant, O.G

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