Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lessons from lyrics...

I recently have been drooling over all the songs in Love Never Dies. I think you would have noticed that by now, though. Well, you would have noticed it if you actually read the blog. But I don't think you do. I just write to calm down my nerves and stop twitching. (I don't actually twitch, just to let you know!)
Well, back to the songs. The lyrics, they are so poetic. I love them! And I can learn a lot from them, hence the title of today's post.
See? Read these:
Madame Giry (sotto voice to Christine):
You mustn't stay!

Christine (sotto voice to Madame Giry):
Why would I leave?

Raoul (sotto voice to Meg):
Why are we here?

Meg (sotto voice to Raoul):
Don't play naive!

All four:
What dear old friends!
Don't we all revere old friends!

Nothing has been changed.

And never will.

Madame Giry and Christine:
Just rearranged.

All four:
And yet we're still such grand old friends,
Such devoted and old friends!
Words could not suggest what's in my heart--
And for the rest?
all the lyrics for Dear Old Friend can be found here.
Listen to it here.
LESSON: Even if you hate the 'friend', you must keep your social graces and act as if you love them.

Phantom: Of course. As you say, you've beaten me before, but that was a long time ago, Vicomte. And we were playing a different

Look at you, deep in debt
Stinking drunk - pitiful
Shall we two make a bet?
Devil take he hindmost

Raul: Look at you, foul as sin
Hideous - horrible
Call the stakes, deal me in
Devil take the hindmost

Phantom: Our Christine shall choose tonight

Raul: Let her choose

Phantom: Is she yours or mine?

Raul: Draw the line

Phantom: If she sings you lose tonight

Raul: I won't lose

Phantom: You leave from here

Raul: Fine!
Find the rest of Devil Take the Hindmost here. The music is not uploaded yet... :(
LESSON: Never marry the guy with girly hair. He will turn into a gambling drunkard and make a bet with his enemy (The one you should have married) on your choice.

It's a funhouse where the mirrors all reflect what's real

Fleck and Gangle:
And reality's as twisted as the mirrors reveal
But the fun is finding out what the mirrors show...
I wrote this from memory, so I don't have a site... but you can listen to it here.

Gustave: Mother, please
I'm scared
What a dream
An awful dream
Someone strange and mad
Seething me and drowning me

Christine: Shh, Gustave, it's alright.
Come and meet
A friend of mine

Phantom: Welcome to my world
My friend

Christine: Gustave, this is Mr. Y

Gustave: This place is yours?

Phantom: Every inch of it
Tell me where you'd like to go
Tell me what you'd like to see
I can grant any wish

Gustave: Could you show me
If you please
All the island's mysteries
All that's strange
And wild and dark
In the shadows of the park

Phantom: You shall see it all tomorrow
I promise

Christine: Back to sleep now, Gustave

Gustave: Yes, mother

That is the whole song, no need for a lyrics link. How about the song?
LESSON: This makes no sense. Why would Christine bring her son to The Phantom when he has a nightmare. I don't know at all, but maaan, now I wish I was Gustave.

Note: Hopefully I will add more, but @ the moment I can't find any more.

PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS: The first case of beautiful insanity here and I just love the singer! (No, not the lady with the French accent, the ghostly singing girl. Frenchy is Madame Giry. Ghostie is Fleck, my fave <3>

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