Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cussing in French.

(ABOVE: My latest creation on the wonderful facebook app, Picnik.)

Ello, dahhhhlinks.
Today I went to a party of sorts. I was so surprised I didn't meet up with a technicolor yawn... X3 I was nom nom nomming then just randomly jumping into a fancy smancy saltwater pool...
Well, I have learned some words in French: some nice, some not (note the title of the post) and recently received the most random call on the face of the earth from my "neighbors" of sorts. Sorry if you guys are reading this: the next sentence is showing a bit of my new-found cruelness I learned from Erik... :) I really need to tell them I got a new number or something, I don't need strange calls like that.

This is for all my dear friends:

Nevermind. I just got some horrid news. There goes the highlight of my weekend. I turned down so much awesome plans and it all went down the drain. Again. :/
Gosh, I hope someone doesn't see this. Oh wait- that person is having too much fun with all their other mean friends who hate me. God, I feel so loved.
Merde, I need my Angel of Music before my tears short circuit my computer.

Gaaaah. Today officially sucked.

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