Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH. I have an explanation.

Sorry I have not been on in so long. My computer hates me and decided to commit suicide... And so now I have to use my mother's computer until mine comes back from HPland where they will use magic happy dust to bring it back to life. And they are saving my memory. And that is why I love HP.
Today the 8th graders graduated. Tomorrow is the last day of classes, and Friday we have the horrid field day, which consists of me being WAY to sleepy and doing really hard activities in like 100 degree weather, and all your classmates yelling at you when you ask for a break, since "Only 6 people are in it this year!"
Sounds like fun, right?
But on Tuesday our school rents out the water park. And movie night with besties. Horror films and Alice in Wonderland... Lovely combination! We might just get high off coffee though... <3
SO done with school and the evil Vice Principal... GAAAAAAAH! STAB STAB STABBBBBBBBB.

Violence answers everything. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeverythinnnnng.
Like one of my bestie's "fan club" of little girls who have voices like they live in a helium factory... She wanted to stab them when they sang about how she should "Be happy! And peaceful! AND SMIIIILEEEEE!!!!!!!"


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