Thursday, May 13, 2010


11 days of school left.
But I got a detention for the stupidest reason ever. I poked a kid in my class with a pen.
I didn't even draw blood!
And so during detention, the Vice Principal came in, pretty much told me I was rude and immature, and she was "worried I would be a bad influence and didn't want me to be a class leader next year".
Which means she doesn't want me to be an 8th grader.
Gosh, she sucks!
So, how was your school year? Were you ever shunned by your classmates? Were you considered a criminal among the teachers? Were there only 3 people that kept you sane? Did you read any good books? Bomb a test? Star in a play? Mess up on stage? Laugh? Cry? Scream? Murder?

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